The 10 best yoga and mindfulness gifts for kids

If you are thinking of giving meaningful products as gifts, inspiring toys that don't end up in a drawer and that help your child to awaken the imagination, calm down, or enjoy family time, then you have found the ideal blog. As a mom and member of the Soul Mates team I will try to recommend you the best Yoga products for kids that we’ve tested in our family.

Giving yoga as a gift is giving benefit, wellness, health, and quality of life. Yoga improves hand-eye coordination and can be practiced almost everywhere. It strengthens the link between mind and body, instills the art of patience, develops concentration, improves balance, among many other things.

1.- Yoga cards for children

Soul Mates yoga cards are one of the few decks on the market with so many cards, 64 in total, each with a basic description of how to perform the posture, plus an A4 instruction sheet with some practical tips on how to play with the cards and practice yoga. The cards are available in several languages: Spanish, English, French and German. They are designed by the Soul Mates team and made in Spain with recycled paper. There are several ways to play with the cards, but whichever option you choose, laughter and stretching is guaranteed. The cards are the ideal size to carry in your bag and improvise games outdoors with friends. We enjoy games that allow for multiple ways to play - the possibilities are endless!


Dixit is not a game that is designed as a yoga board game, but we believe it meets the requirements of games that are engaging and put us in a yogi state. The game consists of a board and cards with beautiful, magical drawings, which can transport the players to a world full of fantasy and imagination. The cards have such beautiful illustrations that might even make you want to frame them. To participate, we must be creative and very good storytellers. Dixit is a game of imagination and guessing, ideal for the whole family to play. Playing with children makes the experience so much better due to their overwhelming imagination.

3.- Children's yoga mat 

Children can enjoy a yoga mat without the need to read instructions. Soul Mates mats are great because they have the asanas engraved directly on the mat, kids can unroll the mat and practice! They can experiment freely and even invent their own postures: it's all about playing and becoming aware of their own body.

There are four versions of the mat, each with its own unique sequence of yoga poses engraved on it. You can find them at:

Soul Mates yoga mats are soft, non-slip, eco-friendly and hypoallergenic because they are made of EVA foam with EcoPure for enhanced biodegradability, vegan-friendly, PVC and Phthalate 6P free.

They are super easy to clean, you only need a cloth, water, and soap and they dry very fast. Children can handle them perfectly since they are very light.

4.- Yoga stories

Yoga stories are a great resource for parents looking to calm their children in various situations of stress, tantrums, or fears among other emotions. They are short stories to learn mindfulness and relax with breathing exercises. They can be used before going to sleep as a sleep aid. What we like most about these stories is their length. Since they are two-minute stories, they’re ideal for children who have shorter attention spans. They incorporate yoga postures, creative visualisations, and brief mindfulness activities.

In our store you will find the stories in paper format, we have them available in English, Spanish, and Catalan. In the Amazon Kindle store, we also have them in electronic format.

The kids can learn to meditate with the characters of Nature: Sun, Moon, Wave, Earth, and Cloud.

5.- Soul Mates Meditation Cushions

These cushions are more than just a cushion. Designed with the characters of the stories and mats, they are one of the few cuddly toys recommended for children from when they are babies. These cushions are perfect for the little ones to get started and enjoy the world of meditation and yoga.

The cushions also include a meditation in English related to the character of the story. If you want the meditation in Spanish you can find it in our YouTube channel or in our Insight Timer channel.

Made with recycled plastic, they are soft, with bright colors and fun shapes with two faces, one sleeping and one awake. And they can be washed!

6.- Magic Spirals

We love this game as a way of creating our own magic mandalas. Mandalas help us relax, improve concentration in children (and adults!), help us express ourselves and are an active meditation technique that reduces stress and anxiety.  It is a complete set of large rulers and small cogwheels to create fabulous shapes in all directions and in all colours. They can be used with markers or crayons. 

 7.- Dobble

The Dobble is another of the top games that belongs in every home. Suitable for the whole family, the game centers around finding the repeated object on each new card. Kids can play alone or be accompanied, and they can start at a very young age. The game involves observation, memory, attention, acceptance, and lots of laughter. Are you ready to lose?

8.- Puzzles for kids

Puzzles are another game to promote the benefits of mindfulness, concentration, frustration management, patience, visual memory, and child psychomotor skills. They are the basic game for brain yoga. You can find many puzzles specially designed for children in most toy stores.

9.- Lettering

We are enthusiastic about activities that enhance the imagination, unleash the artistic side, the value of effort, calm, and increase concentration. To perform lettering it is essential to maintain concentration and project the mind to the hand stroke you have imagined, which requires a constant meditative skill. It is a skill that involves practice and concentration. You will be surprised at the level of coordination that our children are able to achieve in a very short time. Lettering is 100% mindfulness. 

10.- Knitting and sewing

Knitting, embroidery, sewing are ancient techniques that also require skill and concentration. They strengthen motor skills in children as well as in adults and seniors, promote cognitive abilities (attention, perception, memory, creativity ...), and boost hand-eye coordination. It is an anti-stress activity and relaxes the mind. In addition, children feel happy when they get to make a project with their own hands.


Written by Mariona - Soul Mates team member and mindful mum of 11 year old girl and 13 year old boy.