Teacher Pack - 16 Kids Eco Yoga Mats

  • €199,00

The Soul Mates Kids Yoga Mat has suggested yoga positions embossed directly on the mat - no need for complicated instructions, just unroll and ommm!

This Teacher Pack is perfect for schools, extracurricular activities and yoga studios. The mats encourage self discovery, kids yoga doesn't need to be perfect! We have great easy samples of Soul Mates classes available here on youtube.

Pack includes 16 Kids Eco Yoga Mats:

4 x Green Earth Mats
Grounding, inspiring balance and security.
Poses: Garland, tree, mountain, forward fold, tiger, upward dog, downward dog, king cobra, camel, lizard, baby grasshopper, mouse, lotus.

4 x Blue Wave Mats
Strength and flexibility for resilience.
Poses: Lotus, palm, dolphin, whale, seal, mermaid, sleeping swan, bow, sea shell, turtle, forward boat, crab, fish, simplified shoulder stand. 

4 x Purple Cloud Mats
Emotional regulation.
Poses: Thunderbolt, star, eagle, plane, half moon, crow, butterfly, pigeon, bridge, shoulder stand, happy baby, deep relaxation.

4 x Pink Sun and Moon Mats
Energise and awaken positive feelings of joy. Calm, relax and let go. 
The Sun salutation sequence is designed to energise and awaken positive feelings of joy. The Moon salutation sequence is calming and relaxing. The two together make a perfect balance - start from the top and follow clockwise all the way around.

There are other mat colour combinations available, email hello@soulmateskidsyoga.com for more details. 


  • Yoga poses are embossed on the mat: Simply unroll and begin practicing poses. 
  • Ecological: Made from EVA foam with EcoPure for enhanced biodegradability, vegan-friendly, free from PVC, & 6P Phthalates. 
  • Easy clean and hygienic: Simply wipe the quick-dry surfaces clean with soapy water.
  • Child-sized & lightweight: 120 x 55 x 0.6cm easy for kids to handle. 
  • Soft & safe: Non-slip, non-toxic, hypoallergenic. Complies with EU toy safety regulations and ISO8124

This is a wholesale pack, these mats can be sold at an RRP of 19.95€ each. Sell them to your students or buy as a mobile class pack. Price includes VAT, full invoices available on request.