Mindfulness Story Pillows


Mindfulness is a simple but highly effective tool that can be used to bring awareness to feelings and develop important life skills like patience, resilience and perseverance. We like to think of these skills as superpowers! 

These five nature-themed characters are more than just adorable plush toys. Each one has a simple mindfulness exercise that children listen to in the form of a story. Children hug the pillow to discover the story, activating an internal audio speaker with a gentle squeeze. 

The stories are mindfulness meditations specially adapted for children. Each is around two minutes long and told by a soothing female voice, with sound effects inspired by nature and animals.  

Each character has its own special mindfulness superpowers to pass on to children as they listen to the story.


The sun pillow talks about warmth and kindness radiating from inside. It encourages a sense of energy and joy. 


The moon pillow's story creates a sense of safety and security. It is calming and relaxing, bringing about a sense of trust and ability to let go. 


The cloud pillow talks about changing feelings and bringing awareness to the present moment. It inspires a sense of trust that changing emotions come and go.


The wave pillow's story is all about resilience. It tells us that rising up and falling down are part of a natural rhythm, and moves us to find our inner resources of courage and perseverance. 


The earth pillow reminds us of the solid nurturing earth beneath us and all around us. It inspires us to use our senses to become aware of our connection to all living things around us. 


Each mindfulness story pillow introduces mindfulness concepts - or superpowers - to young children in a way that's easy and enjoyable. See also our Kids Eco Yoga Mats.