Mindfulness Story Pillow - Moon

  • €19,95

Mindfulness Story Pillows have a simple mindfulness exercise that children listen to in the form of a story. Children hug the pillow to discover the story, activating an internal audio speaker with a gentle squeeze. 

The story is a mindfulness meditation specially adapted for children. It’s around two minutes long and told by a soothing female voice, with sound effects inspired by nature and animals. 

The moon pillow's story creates a sense of safety and security. It is calming and relaxing, bringing about a sense of trust and ability to let go. 


  • Soft plush toy: Colourful soft toy with cute Moon face 30x30x6cm.
  • Audio mindfulness meditation: 2-minute audio mindfulness meditation in the form of a story. 3x1.5v batteries included.
  • Interactive: Child activates audio meditation by squeezing pillow. Story includes simple mindfulness exercises. 
  • Ecological & safe: Complies with EU Toy Safety Directive & EU EMC. Free of Azo Dyes. GSR certified.

“I take a big slow breath, filling my belly till it’s big and round like a full moon. Then I slowly breath out till my belly feels small like the crescent moon. I know that I am safe and calm.”