• The Best Mindfulness for Kids on YouTube

    Let's discover some fantastic YouTube channels and videos that make mindfulness for children both fun and accessible. Explore some of the best mindfulness resources for children, including the delightful mindfulness stories from Soul Mates.
  • What Do Children Learn from Yoga?

    Yoga isn't just for adults seeking peace and flexibility; it's a wonderful practice for children too! Beyond the physical exercises, yoga offers a myriad of benefits, fostering growth in both mind and body. Let's explore what children can learn and gain from practicing yoga.
  • Unlocking the Magic: How to Explain Yoga to a Child

    It's time to embark on this wonderful adventure of introducing yoga to your child. Watch as they unfold their wings and soar into a world of mindfulness, strength, and inner peace. Together, let's unlock the magic of yoga and empower our children with a lifelong tool for well-being.
  • Yoga Class Story: The Emotional Eagle

    Adding storytelling into children's yoga sessions can be an excellent method to capture their interest and hold their attention, whether they are practicing at home or in school. It elevates the entire experience and helps to make it more memorable. This story is filled with a selection of balancing and flying poses, such as the eagle, aeroplane, and bridge, that are featured on the Cloud kids yoga mat and assist children in connecting with their emotions.

  • Yoga Class Story: The Resilient Swan

    Using stories is a great way to engage kids in yoga practice at home or school. It makes the practice more enjoyable and memorable for them. Here is a story focused on resilience, filled with the poses on the Wave Kids Yoga Mat that are inspired by sea life. 

  • Yoga Class Story: The Connected Dog

    Using stories in a kids' yoga practice is an excellent way to engage their minds, whether at home or in school. This approach enhances their overall experience and improves their ability to recall what they learn. In this article, we will introduce a series of grounding, animal, and nature-inspired poses on the Earth Kids Yoga Mat, including tree, lotus, and cobra. These poses can help connect children to their inner selves and the other living beings that share our world.