Yoga Class Story: The Connected Dog

Using stories in a kids' yoga practice is an excellent way to engage their minds, whether at home or in school. This approach enhances their overall experience and improves their ability to recall what they learn. In this article, we will introduce a series of grounding, animal, and nature-inspired poses on the Earth Mat, including tree, lotus, and cobra. These poses can help connect children to their inner selves and the other living beings that share our world.


Once upon a time, there was a dog named Max who loved to stretch. Max lived in a big green forest where he loved to run and play. One day, as Max was stretching downward, he noticed a tiger watching him.

The tiger seemed to be feeling anxious and scared. Max went over to the tiger and asked, "What's wrong, friend?" The tiger replied, "I feel so scared and alone in this big forest. I don't know where I belong or how to feel secure." Max smiled and said, "I know how you feel, sometimes the world can seem big and scary. But, we can find our connection and grounding by being aware of our surroundings and our senses." 

Max then took the tiger on a walk around the forest, showing him the tall trees, the flowing river, and the chirping birds.


They then came upon a big mountain, and Max said, "This mountain is like our grounding force. It reminds us that there's something solid beneath us that will always be there for us."


As they continued their walk, they saw a baby grasshopper and a tiny mouse. Max introduced them to the tiger and they all felt connected to each other, despite their differences.


As they were about to part ways, Max said, "Remember to always be centred and grounded, and you'll feel secure no matter where you go." The tiger thanked Max and felt much better knowing that he had a new friend in the forest.

A few days later, Max was stretching upward when he noticed a King Cobra slithering towards him. The cobra looked angry and upset. Max knew he had to act quickly, so he barked and growled to scare the cobra away.


Afterwards, Max felt proud of himself for protecting himself and standing up to the cobra. He then continued his walk and saw a lizard and a camel. Max introduced himself and they all walked together, feeling connected and grounded.



As they walked, they came across a beautiful lotus flower. Max explained to his new friends that the lotus flower grows from the mud, but still manages to look beautiful and pure. It reminded them that even when things may seem difficult or messy, they can still find beauty and purity within themselves.

The group of friends continued their walk, feeling inspired and balanced. They knew that no matter what came their way, they would always find their connection to the earth and all living things around them.


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