Yoga Cards

  • €12,95

Join in the Yogi Fun with the Soul Mates yoga cards and learn mindfulness superpowers through their yoga poses.

Sun: energise and awaken positive feelings of joy
Moon: calm, relax and let go
Wave: strength and flexibility poses for resilience
Earth: grounding and centering poses for connectedness
Cloud: flying and balancing poses to learn about emotional regulation.

Enjoy your yoga cards alone or play with friends and family. You can use them to plan your yoga session or simply shuffle them to practice the postures as you discover the cards - you can even use them as a memory game or use the names of their characters and postures to make up a story!

Be creative and feel free to use them in any way you like. Doing yoga is not just about bending, stretching and balancing. It's about being aware and listening to your body, so don't force yourself into poses that feel uncomfortable. Don't worry if you don't achieve the perfect pose, if you can't touch your toes or if your friend seems to be able to do it better than you, because we're not in a competition - just experiment, trying each pose is fun and gives you all the benefits! You might even get to create your own poses.

Start and end your yoga session by saying a long Ommmmm! Omm is the sound of the universe. Then take a few slow, deep breaths, remember to take three long, slow breaths for each pose and enjoy a calm, safe and fun activity! 

Includes 64 cards, each with a basic description of how to construct the pose plus an A4 instruction sheet with some handy tips on how to play with the cards and practising yoga. All materials are in English, Spanish, French and German.

 Designed and manufactured in Spain, EU. Complies with all Child safety regulations. Printed on Recycled paper and card.