Soul Mates Yoga Spinner App

The Soul Mates Yoga Spinner app is an easy and fun yoga spinner game for kids and yoga beginners on the App Store and Google Play.

The five Soul Mates characters each have a set of yoga poses for you to try - play all five levels to activate the yogiverse and play with more than sixty yoga poses!

The voice-activated control allows kids to activate the spinner without touching the screen by calling out “go yogi go!”

The friendly little yogi character demonstrates the poses and guides your breathing as you play!

There’s no advertising or in app purchases. You can read the full privacy policy and T&Cs here.

How to play:

To play this fun yoga spinner game, start by choosing one of the nature themes: Sun ☀️, Moon 🌙 Cloud☁️ Wave 🌊 or Earth 🌍

Start the spinner by swiping left or calling out “go yogi go!” The spinner will spin and when the spinner lands on the first pose card, you’re ready to play! 

Follow little yogi as she demonstrates the pose and guides your breath Well done! Now you’re ready to spin again! 

As you progress through the spinner game, little yogi will increase the number of breaths in each pose helping you increase your balance, strength, flexibility and wellbeing.

Complete the five levels to activate the YOGIVERSE level. Now you can play several character's poses in the same level!