About Us


Soul Mates is a fun and playful adaption of yoga and mindfulness for kids aimed at activating the body and calming the mind. 

Today’s kids face many challenges -  a sedentary lifestyle and too much stress and anxiety can have a detrimental effect on their physical and mental health. 

The good news is that the skills kids need to have a healthy and balanced life can be learned and practiced from an early age.

Amy Holden, psychologist and certified mindfulness instructor, has developed the Soul Mates characters which each embody key mindfulness concepts adapted to be accessible to young children. At Soul Mates we think of these concepts as superpowers.

Sun, Moon, Cloud, Wave and Earth share their superpowers through stories, yoga poses, games and activities in a way that’s easy and fun.

Good habits that develop when children are small will improve their emotional intelligence, mental health and wellness throughout their lives.

Cultivating awareness and connection, practicing patience and gratitude and learning to feel joy as well as calm is hugely beneficial for children as they learn to regulate their emotions and focus their attention. Soul Mates products provide a fund and engaging way to practice these skills.

The first products from Soul Mates are available now: 

Each Soul Mates Kids Eco Yoga Mat has its own simple sequence of yoga positions embossed directly on the mat - no need for complicated instructions, just unroll and ommm! There are four mats: Sun and Moon, Cloud, Wave and Earth

The Soul Mates Storytelling Pillows help kids get in touch with their feelings with a soothing, nature-themed audio story that they can listen to as they relax. There is a pillow with a different story for each character: Sun, Moon, Cloud, Wave and Earth

Soul Mates Eco Water Bottles: Each has yoga poses printed on the bottle for yoga on the go! They come in four colours to match our yoga mats - Sun & Moon, Cloud, Wave and Earth.

The Soul Mates YouTube channel has free yoga classes for kids and much more. 


And coming soon….

Illustrated children’s story books each featuring one of the Soul Mates characters who passes on different mindfulness superpowers to children through an engaging story. 

The Soul Mates Yoga Spinner Game app is an easy and fun way to practice yoga, with more than sixty poses and voice activated control to minimise screen interaction. 

Soul Mates Yoga Cards with more than 60 easy yoga poses for kids to try!


Soul Mates is part of World Alive - a dynamic and ethical brand focused on highly-regulated children’s products which educate and promote wellbeing. We use professional and ecological packaging and our small and dedicated team has earned a reputation for outstanding personal service. World Alive has many years of experience, reliable logistics and a worldwide network of distribution partners. 

If you’d like to talk to us about becoming a distributor of our products in your country or territory, please get in touch here. If you’d like to promote our products on your social media channels, please fill in this form.