Kids Eco Yoga Mats

Yoga helps children to develop self-esteem and body awareness through non-competitive experimentation and practice. 

Soul Mates Eco Yoga Mats can be enjoyed by young children without the need to read instructions or follow a video class. Suggested poses are embossed directly on the mat. Soul Mates mats are made using EcoPure, which enhances their biodegradability.

Using the poses embossed on the mat as a guide, children are free to experiment and invent their own poses - it’s all about play and body awareness. The mats are designed to be lightweight and easy for children to handle independently.  

There are four different mats, each with its own unique sequence of yoga poses embossed into the mat. 

Sun and Moon Mat

The Sun and Moon Mat has two yoga sequences that are popular all around the world and comes in a vibrant pink. 

The Sun salutation sequence is designed to energise and awaken positive feelings of joy. The Moon salutation sequence is calming and relaxing. The two together make a perfect balance - omm! 

The sun and moon salutation sequences are arranged in two easy-to-follow circles embossed into the mat. Choose your circle, start from the top and follow clockwise all the way around. 

Cloud Mat

The Cloud Mat is a rich purple colour and has a selection of flying and balancing poses embossed into the mat.

Poses like aeroplane, eagle, bridge and thunderbolt connect us with our emotions, which move and change just like clouds in the sky. Clouds are always in motion - after the rain comes the beautiful rainbow!

The poses can be done in any order - simply follow your feelings. 

Wave mat

The blue wave mat has poses inspired by the sea, boats and sea life embossed into the mat. 

These poses - such as mermaid and crab - help us to cultivate the rhythm, perseverance and resilience of the great oceans as they rise up in waves and break against the shore. Become strong and flexible like a wave! 

You can choose to do the poses in any order you like, just dive in!  

Earth Mat

The Earth Mat is a lush green and has poses connected to the nourishing and grounding mother earth and all her plants and creatures embossed into the mat. 

Poses like mountain, waterfall and tiger connect you with your inner self and all the living beings that share our world. Using all our senses, we can feel the strength of the solid earth beneath your feet and direct kindness towards ourselves and all life on this planet. 

Do the poses in the order that feels right for you - experiment! 


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