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PODCAST: Mindfulness for All with Amy Holden

Nosso Shala Podcast - February 17, 2022 - Spanish

"I bring you a super nice episode with dear Amy from @soulmateskidsyoga where we talked about so many important things for everyone and mainly for children! Mindfulness for adults, parents, children; entrepreneurship in the market of mindful children's toys; yoga mats and what motivated Amy to develop this beautiful project. She also shares what made Amy want to get into yoga and mindfulness and how her mission is to be an Agent of Change. She ended the talk by reminding us all that BREATHING is where the secret lies. I really enjoyed meeting and talking to Amy, the episode is already recorded since 2021 and to bring it out now makes me very excited." 



World Alive S.L. launches new Soul Mates brand

Toyworld Magazine - 19 December 2019

"Amy Holden, founder, product innovator and developer of Soul Mates, said: “This project is the culmination of many years of study in perinatal psychology, child development, and mindfulness. Our goal was to create something to play that is fun and healthy for kids to play by themselves, with family or in a group that is caring for the environment too, and I believe we have successfully done that.”