Yoga Class Story: The Emotional Eagle

Adding storytelling into children's yoga sessions can be an excellent method to capture their interest and hold their attention, whether they are practicing at home or in school. It elevates the entire experience and helps to make it more memorable. This story is filled with a selection of balancing and flying poses, such as the eagle, aeroplane, and bridge, that are featured on the Cloud Mat and assist children in connecting with their emotions.


Once upon a time, in the vast blue sky, there lived an eagle named Eddie. Eddie loved to fly high above the clouds and feel the wind rushing through his feathers. One day, while soaring through the clouds, Eddie noticed a strange feeling inside him. It was a mix of excitement, fear, and confusion all at once. Eddie didn't understand what was happening to him, and he started to panic.


Suddenly, a loud thunderbolt boomed across the sky, making Eddie even more frightened. But then, he noticed a bright star shining in the distance, and it brought him a sense of comfort. He knew that even in the midst of a storm, there was always something to hold onto.


As Eddie flew on, he saw a plane soaring below him. The pilot was looking up at Eddie and waving, but Eddie was too caught up in his emotions to respond. He felt like he was being pulled in all directions, and he didn't know how to control it.


Then, Eddie saw the half moon rising in the sky. It reminded him of how everything has a cycle and how things will always change. He took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down.


As he continued to fly, a crow flew up beside him and cawed, "What's wrong, Eddie? You look upset." Eddie explained his feelings to the crow, who listened patiently. Then the crow said, "It sounds like you need to release some of that energy. Why don't you try doing something you love, like chasing butterflies?"


Eddie took the crow's advice and flew down to the treetops, where he saw a butterfly flitting around. He started to chase it, and soon he forgot all about his worries.


After a while, Eddie flew back up into the sky and saw a pigeon flying nearby. The pigeon said, "I see you're feeling better. Remember, it's important to connect with your emotions and release them in healthy ways."


Feeling inspired, Eddie flew towards a bridge and landed on it. He closed his eyes and took deep breaths, focusing on his feelings and letting them flow through him. Finally, he opened his eyes and saw a happy baby laughing and playing nearby. Eddie felt a sense of joy and calm wash over him, and he knew he had found his own way of emotional regulation.


From that day on, Eddie continued to fly high above the clouds, but he also took time to connect with his emotions and find healthy ways to release them. And whenever he felt overwhelmed, he remembered the thunderbolt, the star, the plane, the half moon, the crow, the butterfly, the pigeon, the bridge, and the happy baby that had helped him along the way.


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