Yoga Class Story: The Resilient Swan

Using stories is a great way to engage kids in yoga practice at home or school. It makes the practice more enjoyable and memorable for them. Here is a story focused on resilience, filled with the poses on the blue Wave Mat that are inspired by sea life. 


One day, a massive storm swept across the ocean, bringing with it huge waves that tossed and turned all of the creatures. They all struggled except for the sleeping swan, who remained peaceful and calm.

As the storm raged on, the other creatures looked to the swan for guidance. They marvelled at the bird's ability to remain serene and focused, even in the midst of chaos. The swan, sensing their fear, began to teach them about resilience.

The swan spoke to the other creatures, reminding them that rising up and falling down is a part of a natural rhythm, just like the waves. The creatures learned that the key to resilience is not trying to hold back the tide, but rather to ride the waves.

The swan also taught them about strength and flexibility. She showed them how to be strong in the face of adversity, while also remaining flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances.

The dolphin, who had been struggling to keep up with the others, began to find her inner resources of courage and perseverance. She learned to ride the waves, finding joy in the challenge of each one. 


The whale, who had been feeling overwhelmed by the storm, found new reserves of strength within herself, and began to push through the waves with greater ease. 


The seal, who had been feeling alone and isolated, found new friendships with the other creatures, and they all began to support each other through the storm.


Even the crab, who had been feeling small and insignificant, learned that he had his own unique strengths and qualities. He discovered that he could use his sharp claws to help himself and others climb to higher ground.

As the storm finally subsided, the creatures emerged from the waves stronger and more resilient than ever before. They realised that the storm had been a test of their inner strength and courage, and that they had passed with flying colours.

From that day forward, the creatures continued to ride the waves of life, finding inspiration in the ocean, and carving out their own paths one wave at a time. They knew that no matter what challenges lay ahead, they had the inner resources to face them with resilience and strength. And they knew that they would always have each other to rely on, in good times and in bad.


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