• Working with children's emotions

    Knowing how to embrace your emotions - if you were not taught to do so as a child - is more difficult as an adult. Understanding what we feel is extremely important to be able to manage it and not fall into exaggeration. 
  • Tips for teaching your children to meditate

    In order to teach your children to meditate we recommend these simple tips that will help you in your day to day life. 
  • Ways to increase physical activity at home

    Specialists recommend one hour of physical activity for kids each day to prevent illnesses, stimulate their physical development, increase their ability to concentrate and their school performance, as well as prevent childhood obesity. We know that children do sport at school, but how can we encourage these habits at home?
  • The 10 best yoga and mindfulness gifts for kids

    If you are thinking of giving meaningful products as gifts, inspiring toys that don't end up in a drawer and that help your child to awaken the imagination, calm down, or enjoy family time, then you have found the ideal blog. As a mom and member of the Soul Mates team I will try to recommend you the best Yoga products for kids that we’ve tested in our family.
  • My son doesn't want to go to sleep

    Children are highly susceptible to stress and are unable to disconnect, their brain is full of racing thoughts. They have a hard time letting their thoughts go and they sleep an hour less than we did at their age. Lack of sleep causes a bad mood and lack of concentration at school. 
  • Bossy, frustrated and bored kids?

    Our children get bored, frustrated, have no patience and the moment they want something they believe in the right to have it NOW.

    A common conversation that parents who want to be respectful have is whether empathising with our children is causing them to think they have the right to everything. And it is that, unfortunately, that is happening.