Mindfulness Story Pillow - Wave

  • €19,95

Mindfulness Story Pillows have a simple mindfulness exercise that children listen to in the form of a story. Children hug the pillow to discover the story, activating an internal audio speaker with a gentle squeeze. 

The story is a mindfulness meditation specially adapted for children. It’s around two minutes long and told by a soothing female voice, with sound effects inspired by nature and animals. 

The wave pillow's story is all about resilience. It tells us that rising up and falling down are part of a natural rhythm, and moves us to find our inner resources of courage and perseverance. 


  • Soft plush toy: Colourful soft toy with cute Wave face 30x30x6cm.
  • Audio mindfulness meditation: 2-minute audio mindfulness meditation in the form of a story. 3x1.5v batteries included.
  • Interactive: Child activates audio meditation by squeezing pillow. Story includes simple mindfulness exercises. 
  • Ecological & safe: Complies with EU Toy Safety Directive & EU EMC. Free of Azo Dyes. GSR certified.

“I am strong. I take a big breath in and my belly rises up like a wave. I breathe out releasing my breath like a wave crashing on the shore. I know that falling down and rising back up are all part of being a wave and being brave. Sometimes I will fall down, but I trust that I can rise back up and ride the wave again.”