Yoga and Mindfulness Gift Set for Kids - Earth

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A gift set of four items based on the Soul Mates Earth character. The Earth character is all about connection, awareness, kindness and being centred. These are her superpowers that she wants to share with you! 

Contains four items:

1 x Soul Mates Kids Eco Yoga Mat - Earth

The green Earth mat has grounding and animal poses embossed directly on the mat - no need for complicated instructions, just unroll and get ommm! 120 x 55 x 0.6cm. See full description here.

1 x Soul Mates Mindfulness Story Pillow - Earth

A soft plush toy Earth character with an audio story activated by squeezing the pillow. The story is a 2-minute mindfulness meditation in English especially adapted for children which contains simple breathing exercises. Only available in English. See full description here.

1 x Illustrated Story Book - I am Earth 

I am Earth is a fun illustrated children's story which incorporates yoga poses and a brief mindfulness activity. The activity is focused on the senses in the present moment, and a creative visualization of a fallen log being embraced by earth. Children from three years and up will love this story, which includes themes of trust, grounding and loving kindness towards the self, all beings and the planet. Through this connectedness children can gain a sense of belonging, wellbeing and calm in an uncertain world.  Available in Spanish and English. See full description here. 

1 x Kids Eco Water bottle - Earth

A lightweight, child-sized aluminium reusable water bottle with a handy clip. 0.4l capacity. The Earth water bottle is green with grounding and animal yoga poses printed on the bottle. See full description here.